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If you’re dealing with legal issues like divorce or criminal charges in Dearborn, MI or the Metro Detroit Area, don’t try to face them alone. Turn to Woodyard & Associates, PLLC. We understand the frustration that comes from intense legal troubles like yours. Whether you’re looking at custody issues or a DUI charge, you can count on our law firm to advocate for you.

Call 313-855-5222 now to start planning a persuasive criminal defense against your charges. You can meet with criminal and family law attorney Michael T. Woodyard right away.

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Woodyard & Associates, PLLC can be there for you and your family whenever you need legal help. Attorney Woodyard can represent you during your:

To find out what Woodyard & Associates, PLLC can do for you and your family, call 313-855-5222 now. You can speak with a family law attorney located in Dearborn, MI and serving the Metro Detroit Area at your convenience.

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Woodyard & Associates, PLLC is dedicated to providing dependable family law and criminal defense services to our clients in Dearborn, MI and surrounding areas as well as throughout the Detroit Metropolitan . You can count on us for reliable legal guidance because:

  • We're skilled-lead attorney Woodyard has over 16 years of trial experience
  • We're qualified-lead attorney Woodyard earned his J.D. from Wayne State University Law School and has served as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney
  • We're passionate-we'll fight aggressively to protect your family and your rights

Call 313-855-5222 today to speak with a reputable family law attorney from Woodyard & Associates, PLLC. Schedule a free consultation at your convenience.

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